Some Questions and Answers   

I have never ordered from For Heaven's Cakes in the past.                                      How can I be sure of the quality?

We have contactable references available for you so you can
assure yourself of our high standards of quality and workmanship.
Why do I need a consultation to discuss my Wedding Cake?
Each Wedding Cake is unique, during the consulation we
will discuss your colour scheme, theme of wedding, number of guests, and explore the design of your Dream Wedding Cake. This consultation also enables us to give you a quotation based on your unique creation. 
Why do I need to book my Wedding Cake 3-6 months in advance?
Firstly if you leave your booking too long, we may have already taken
a booking from another client for the same date as your wedding.
As we offer bespoke cakes it is impossible for us to have more than
one order per week.
Secondly, with a Wedding cake if you having a Rich Fruit Cake it
requires 3 months of maturing with Brandy to create the perfect cake.
I'm having a small wedding, but I want a tiered wedding cake.
How is this possible without paying for cake which won't be eaten?
We are able to provide you with a tiered Wedding Cake and incorporate 
'dummy' cake into some of the tiers, thereby giving you the cake design
you want.
I'm having a very large wedding. I don't want more than 3 tiers
on my wedding cake. How can I ensure my guests all receive some
wedding cake?
We are able to provide you with cake pieces.
I want to keep one of the tiers for our first anniversary. Is this possible?
Yes this is possible, however only if the Rich Fruit Cake option has been
used. You may want to book for a decoration repair where we can
redecorate the cake for you.
What types and flavours of cake can I order?
We believe that the cake you purchase from us should be as beautiful inside as it is outside. We are able to offer a variety of cake flavours.These include a very light Vanilla Sponge, Orange Cake, Rich Chocolate Cake,
Carrot Cake, Hummingbird Cake, White Cake or our delicious 
Rich Fruit Cake which has been matured with Brandy.
At this stage we do not accommodate for Gluten Free cakes.

Can I have a selection of flavours in my tiered cake?

With multi-tiered cakes we are able to provide you with a combination
of flavours. For example, in a 3 tiered cake, you could have the bottom
tier as a Rich Fruit Cake, the middle tier as a Carrot Cake and the top
tier as a light Vanilla Sponge Cake.
Some designs may only be possible with a Rich Fruit Cake,
however this will be discussed with you at your consultation.

I'm allergic to nuts, are the cakes nut free?

We cannot guarantee that our cakes are completely nut free. Some of the ingredients are manufactured in an environment which uses nuts.